BMW wheel style 128

The BMW wheel style 128 is part of bmw’s lineup of original wheel styles.
The bmw Style 128 wheel is available in diameters of 19″ and 21″ inches, with a bolt pattern of 5×120.
This is the original wheel style for the bmw series E60, E83, E65, E70, E71, F15 and F16, however it might fit other models given the specifications match below with the replacement wheel.The style given to this wheel is best described as Star Spoke.

BMW wheel style 128

BMW wheel style 128 Technical Specifications & Parts 

Part NumberPart NamePart DetailsSearch for Part
36116761991Light alloy rim8JX19 ET:20search for part
36116767990Light alloy rim8 1/2JX19 ET:18search for part
36116775653Light alloy rim8 1/2JX19 ET:18search for part
36116761992Light alloy rim9 1/2JX19 ET:32search for part
36116775654Light alloy rim9 1/2JX19 ET:32search for part
36131095390Wheel bolt blackM12X1,5search for part
36136781150Wheel bolt blackM12X1,5search for part
36136768640Hub Cap with clipped-on plaquesearch for part
36136783536Hub cap with chrome edgeBMWsearch for part
36136767547BMW insignia stamped/paintedsearch for part
36121116326Rubber valveL=42,5MMsearch for part
36141095389Valvesearch for part
36121120779Valve capssearch for part
36121178869Rubber valveL=48,5MMsearch for part
36116766956Light alloy rim9JX21 ET:22search for part
36116776841Light alloy rim, chromium-plated9JX21 ET:22search for part
36116766957Light alloy rim10JX21 ET:25search for part
36116771176Light alloy rim10JX21 ET:32search for part
36116776842Light alloy rim, chromium-plated10JX21 ET:32search for part
36136758730Wheel bolt blackM14X1,5search for part
36136781152Wheel bolt blackM14X1,5search for part
36116765028Light alloy rim8 1/2JX19 ET:46search for part
36116765029Light alloy rim9JX19 ET:51search for part
36116859425Disc wheel, light alloy, liquid black10JX21 ET:40search for part
51777378581Trim, wheel arch, primed, front left20″ EXCELLENCEsearch for part
51777378582Trim, wheel arch, primed, front right20″ EXCELLENCEsearch for part
51710007390Retrofit kit, wheel arch flaring 21”search for part
51717002953Expanding rivetsearch for part
7149213164Hex BoltTS5X20 SW8 D=22search for part
34112348054Sports brake retrofit kitF15 / F16search for part
36116859426Disc wheel, light alloy, liquid black11 1/2JX21ET:38search for part
51777171002Clipsearch for part
51777378583Trim piece rear left wheel well, primed20″ EXCELLENCEsearch for part
36106856209Wheel electr. module RDCi w/ screw valvesearch for part
36106881890Wheel electr. module RDCi w/ screw valvesearch for part
36146867031Valve insert RDCisearch for part
36146867030Valve cap RDCisearch for part
36106867147Repair kit, screw-type valve RDCisearch for part
36106876673Repair kit, screw-type valve RDCisearch for part
51777378584Cover, wheel arch, primed, rear right20″ EXCELLENCEsearch for part
7147293278Expanding rivet, blacksearch for part
51162339010Set, wheel arch trims, 21-inchJAPAN/CHINAsearch for part
51777303391Trim, wheel arch, front left20″ SCHWARZsearch for part
51777303392Trim, wheel arch, front right20″ SCHWARZsearch for part
51777343143Cover, wheel arch, rear left20″ SCHWARZsearch for part
51777343144Cover, wheel arch, rear right20″ SCHWARZsearch for part
36136781151Wheel bolt blackM14X1,25search for part
36136890324Wheel bolt blackM14X1,25search for part
51162353723Set for wheel arch widening 21″ frontF16search for part
51127397403China flap, rear leftsearch for part
51127397404China flap, rear rightsearch for part
36116771425Light alloy rim, chromium-plated10JX21 ET:40search for part
36116771426Light alloy rim, chromium-plated11 1/2JX21ET:42search for part
36116779375Light alloy rim10JX21 ET:40search for part
36116779376Light alloy rim11 1/2JX21ET:42search for part
36116792685Disc wheel, light alloy, Midnight Chrome10JX21 ET:40search for part
36116792686Disc wheel, light alloy, Midnight Chrome11 1/2JX21ET:42search for part
51770421056Retrofit kit, wheel arch extensions20″search for part
36136774896Wheel bolt blackM14X1,25search for part
search for part
36116782832Light alloy rim11 1/2JX21ET:38search for part
36116782833Light alloy rim, chromium-plated11 1/2JX21ET:38search for part
36116792687Disc wheel, light alloy, Midnight Chrome11 1/2JX21ET:38search for part
36111095375Screw-in valve, RDCsearch for part
36146792829Screw-in valve, RDCsearch for part
36146774590Valve caps RDCsearch for part
36111095436Valve caps RDCsearch for part
36111096449Screw-in valve, RDCGRÜNsearch for part
36146792830Screw-in valve, RDCGRÜNsearch for part
BMW models for which the BMW wheel style 128 fits: E60+ E65+ E83 E70 E71

Will the BMW wheel style 128 fit on your BMW?

Bear in mind that it could be dangerous to run your BMW on tires or wheels they aren’t designed to fit. If you are unsure about your current wheel specifications, please check our BMW wheel fitment chart and guide


Insert your existing BMW wheel and tire dimensions, and the sizes of the BMW wheel style 128, and the outcome will be shown on the diagram. The strut shown in the diagram below is for illustration purpose only.

Existing Tyre
Existing Wheel

Above values are only examples! If unsure of your current wheel size? Check here!

Existing Tyre
Existing Wheel

Above values are only examples! Change values to view fittment.


are automatically applied below

The diagram is only for show to help you visualize your tires and wheel fitment of your new setup.

Tire Width - The width of your tire in millimeters. 195/55ZR15

Tire Profile - The ratio of tire wall width to tire width. 195/55ZR15

Tire Diameter - The diameter of your wheels in inches. 195/55ZR15

Offset - the distance from the center of the wheel to the mounting face in mm. ET20

Rim Width - The width of your rims in inches. 7.5JX17

InchesOriginal WheelNew WheelDifference
Wheel Revolutions

What is the recommended tire pressure for the BMW wheel style 128?

The tire pressure for the BMW wheel style 128 will depend on your BMW model. Most BMW models like the BMW 5 Series and the BMW 7 Series, have a recommended tire pressure of 32 PSI (2.2 Bar). However, you should always double-check this for your specific BMW model. You can find out the recommended tire pressure for your BMW, by checking the the sticker on the inside edge of the driver’s door or, check your owner’s manual if you still have the same type of tires that came with the vehicle.