BMW wheel style 175

The BMW wheel style 175 is part of bmw’s lineup of original wheel styles.
The bmw Style 175 wheel is available in diameters of 18″ inches, with a bolt pattern of 5×120.
This rare rim is the original wheel style for the bmw series E65, however it might fit other models given the specifications match below with the replacement wheel.The style given to this wheel is best described as Star Spoke.

BMW wheel style 175

BMW wheel style 175 Technical Specifications & Parts 

Wheel Style Nr Part Number Part Name Part Details
175 02 36 11 6 767 828 Light alloy rim 8JX18 ET:24 4
175 03 36 13 6 781 152 Wheel bolt black M14X1,5 20
175 04 36 13 6 767 829 Hub cap 4
175 05 36 13 6 758 569 BMW insignia stamped with adhesive film D=70MM 4
175 06 36 12 1 178 869 Rubber valve L=48,5MM 4
175 07 36 14 1 095 389 Valve 4
175 08 36 12 1 120 779 Valve caps 4
BMW models for which the BMW wheel style 175 fits: E65+

Will the BMW wheel style 175 fit on your BMW?

Bear in mind that it could be dangerous to run your BMW on tires or wheels they aren’t designed to fit. If you are unsure about your current wheel specifications, please check our BMW wheel fitment chart and guide


Insert your existing BMW wheel and tire specifications, and the sizes of the BMW wheel style 175, and the outcome will be shown on the diagram. The strut shown in the diagram below is for illustration purpose only.

Existing Tyre
Existing Wheel

Above values are only examples! If unsure of your current wheel size? Check here!

Existing Tyre
Existing Wheel

Above values are only examples! Change values to view fittment.


The diagram is only for show to help you visualize your tires and wheel fitment of your new setup.

Tire Width - The width of your tire in millimeters. 195/55ZR15

Tire Profile - The ratio of tire wall width to tire width. 195/55ZR15

Tire Diameter - The diameter of your wheels in inches. 195/55ZR15

Offset - the distance from the center of the wheel to the mounting face in mm. ET20

Rim Width - The width of your rims in inches. 7.5JX17

Inches Original Wheel New Wheel Difference
Diameter %
Circumference %
Sidewall %
Width %
Wheel Revolutions

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